Google ads exploiting searchers?


The ads that appear in various places in the google search results creates vast revenue for the internet giant, but are these ads tricking searchers.

Google under law must clearly display ads as being so in the search results and easily recognizable as being sponsored from the organic listings. The seperation between paid listings and organic listings is done by a small “ad” label in yellow at the side of the ad sections. However critics are arguing that this is is rather ambiguous and how there is no clear ending to the ad section it could potentially confuse advertisers as it looks as though the ads simply blend into the organic listings meaning searchers may not know when the ads stop and the natural organic listings start.

With more and more ads being added to the results pages which now far outweigh the number of organic listings which searchers prefer and use google for the blend between organic and ads is becoming increasingly difficult to tell apart.┬áMoreover some professionals in the “seo” industry theorize that google is deliberately being too harsh and quick to penalize websites far breaking their webmasters guidelines in order to limit the choice of organic listings as more sites cease to become available for searcher in the organic listings thus effecting the quality of these results which will increases click through rates and revenue to google and also pushes these penalized website into buying into the adwords program.

But this is not the only problem with googles ads tricking searchers Google is showing poor results to searchers if the money is right.

Google is one the most widely used search engine in the world with a dominant share in the search engine market. People rely and trust on the google search results to be accurate and informative. However it is worthwhile pointing out that some websites have been penalized by google and therefore will not show up or not very highly in the search engine for the keywords that the website is targeting because google deems that website to be low quality or even spam and not worthy to show to users however despite this if the websites chooses to pay enough despite already being penalized in the search engine that website can appear above all others in a more viewable position in the ad section at the top of the serps even though it has already been categorized as being of no value or a poor search result before.