Twitter bot’s



Bots can be quite a nuisance and very annoying to some people but are being used more and more by people wanting to market their business.

Many people are now using bots to automate their social media presence the bots will help them in a number of ways which would otherwise would require them to sit around at their computer doing them by hand. With twitter bots for example you can follow users in a natural way which also involves unfollowing those who are not following them back to get around twitter system and to ensure your account does not get flagged. There are many incentives to doing this such as creating brand awareness but the main incentive is to drive visitors to your website and thus in effect earn more money. Because seo is getting more and more difficult many are resorting to using social media to drive traffic to their websites even though it is effective to drive traffic by manually interacting with people on social media many feel that the tasks can be automated and scaled up to drive even more traffic, bots on twitter for example if can be very effective as they allow you to click just a few buttons and in doing so create multiple accounts which can follow multiple people far more than one could if done by hand. On twitter it is a numbers game primarily the more people you follow the more chances you will “catch” real followers who will then read what you are tweeting, yes many will not follow strangers but some will follow back those who follow them.

Twitter bots to avoid

Many bots such as tweet attacks by twitter from court cases. If you were to buy a twitter bot and it later gets shut down like what happened with tweet attacks you may find yourself out of pocket with a bot that just does not work at all…. but on the otherhand with so many twitter bots out there you could just get one that is just plain rubbish.

There are a lot of bots that have been created without sophisticated programmings skills and automation which cannot properly automate tasks without being “babysitted” and example of a bot like this is one called twitter money bot, although twitter money bot promises to be a great twitter automation bot it lacks the features which will allow you to sit back and watch your social media traffic grow because for starters thje way in which twitter money bot works means that you are limited managing one account at a time (though you are allowed to open multiple copies of twitter money bot at the same time with different accounts open) must manually scrape user lists then add them to the unfollow list or follow list, then creating accounts is a real hassle as it can only mass create unverified accounts… I am not going to go through all of the features because truth be told it is a real mess really and it is just one step away from actually doing everything for yourself. This bot is never updated and they slow and laggy you can easily loose track of who you followed and what you have done which can be problematic and could potentially get you banned if you repeat yourself to much or follow to many people. There is apparently a version 3 with more automated features coming out though twitter money have came out and said that if you own version 2 you can get a discount for buying the next version.. why should I pay for a bot that didn’t work for me the first time why should I bother trusting the developers.. if you can even call them that as the bot is made using ubot which isn’t even a programming language but a software that helps those who struggle with programming create bots quickly and easily.

Since getting twitter money bot I have hardly used it because it did not help me one bit, in fact many of the accounts that I have created using it have been quickly banned by twitter because this software does not give adequate safeguards or tracking to help you create a more natural campaign.


More dodgy twitter bots will be added to this list as they are found please add your suggestions and reviews of bots in the comments below.