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    Lol, last xmas me and my partner pottered around all the local furniture shops to replace our 2 x sofa’s. Despite trying lots, the only one we agreed on was more than double the top price we were willing to go to.
    So, we didn’t buy anything…. we still have a decent 2 seater, and the 3 seater we use daily is still as scruffy and collapsing worse…[Read more]

  • If you take it to a jewellers and ask for a valuation for insurance purposes they will give you the price it’s worth- obviously dealers will offer a bit less than this as they have to make money on it but you will have an idea

  • A few years back, one of my knees was getting swollen and I was really struggling to bend it – Went to doctor who said start of arthritis and sent me for x ray so they have it on file as a starting point. She said too young to start looking at a replacement (similar age to use and pretty much similar in other respects weight, job etc). That did…[Read more]