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    Can anyone suggest a shop that stocks rock salt lamps? Lots of online sellers but it is for a present so I want to make sure it is decent quality and would rather see before I buy. No shops turning up on my searches so far.
    Suggestions appreciated.



    not entirely sure these are really effective in comparison to an actual air ioniser? following with interest



    Thats not really the point. Ive been asked for a salt lamp not a ioniser.



    You usually find them in smaller local shops that sell crystals and things like that? I love mine.
    There is a chain, I don’t know if they sell salt lamps but worth a call if you have one near you? Where are you based?
    here is one:



    My local post office does, it might be worth seeing if the ones near you do.



    I got mines on eBay, and it’s actually lovely. Solid wood dark base, lovely big chunk of salt.

    We have it in the bedroom and it provides a really subtle pink glow. With the newborn baby we needed a little light at night to see him, but still to be dark. The pink gentle glow might even be a bit like in the womb!



    @jimmy Can you remember who the seller was? Sometimes the pictures can be misleading.
    Unfortunately the shop mentioned above doesn’t have any branches in the north.



    That is an amazing idea! I bought one for my asthma (absolutely useless) and left it in my office when I started mat leave but I’m going to get it back for this purpose as the lamp I have is a little bright for sleeping with. I bought mine from TK Maxx, lovely mahogany base, just useless at what I bought it for



    I got one as present last Christmas from a friend and loved the soft pink glow so much that I bought one from amazon (from the seller SourceDIY) as a present for someone else. The ad described the lamp as a certain weight. It came exactly as described and shown the pictures, however they sent 2 lights instead of 1! I was really puzzled by it, but very pleased as I needed 2 birthday presents and was able to give one to each of them.

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