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    Just wondering if anyones had to deal with it for their business/es?

    Had a wonderful start to the new year, and had a great day today too, get home to find someone has started a rant on fb about our business over such a small thing, that all they really needed to do was ring us about. Honestly don’t know why they haven’t, but we can’t sort it until they do!
    Of course others are now chiming in, lots good (phew!) but a few negative – some from relatives of competitors so they have never used us but suppose it would give them more business!

    I’ve left a generic reply to contact us so we can sort it but do I ignore the other comments? It looks bad if I don’t acknowledge them, but equally how do I reply to the bad ones? Arghhh

    We aren’t perfect, not by a long shot, but we try bloody hard, and there doesn’t seem to be a correct way to deal with negative social media – and i’m fed up of constantly worrying someones going to start something as it can have a huge impact.

    Tbh I’m much happier when every other company is recommended on these pages and ours is left out because then I don’t have to stress and of the 4 fb-sourced jobs we’ve done only 1 has paid us.

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    Just reply sorry to hear you’re unhappy, please could you message us a contact number so we can get in touch to resolve this
    That takes it off social media without getting into a spat

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    I agree with doc put on your contact details and ask them to get in touch directly, happy to work together to solve the issue etc. Don’t respond to any of the other comments at all.

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    There are various suggested rules for this kind if thing. If you can respond in a way that positively resolves the issue, do so publicly (e.g. if it simply needs a polite correction, clarification or confirmation). If you can’t, or it’s complicated, ask them to message you so that you can look at it properly. If it’s inflammatory, abusive or wildly inaccurate, delete it if you can (e.g. if it’s on your business page). Learn to ignore anything else (other than learning from it if relevant!)

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    It’s on one of the local chat pages, the admins have long stopped moderating it so can’t get it deleted. It’s not got a huge following, but it’s the go-to page for these types of posts because the posts are left up. They then get screenshot and posted across all the others.

    My reply was generic in contacting us tomorrow during office hours when we could deal with it as I don’t recognize her name or the job so have no reference for the rant, but it’s been ignored and I am stressing over it.

    She’s just posted a follow up about how one of our competitors recommended us and agrees the charge is unreasonable. FFS, i wanted a nice relaxing bath tonight!

    Going into the office to try and work out what her situation is, but she keeps liking and replying to her own posts so I am very confused now too.

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