How do you cope with the evils of the world?

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    I actively avoid seeing any of these sort of images and am thinking of unfriending anyone who posts them of Facebook. I am still haunted by a television programme I saw about the Brooke Hospital and its work which must have been nearly 30 years ago and you are right, you can’t “unsee” these things.

    However, there is some good advice on here about trying the change the world in your own small way. We recently took on a new dog (our sixth) from a charity. She is a bit of a nightmare – she rags our elderly collie something rotten, we’ve had to spend a fortune to stop her escaping and she often refuses to come in from the garden which is a complete pain in the proverbial. She is massively strong to the point where I find her harder to control on a lead than my horse. However, she has a lovely sweet side to her and can be a very good girl when she chooses.

    We have been through the mill with her in the three weeks we have had her but two things have made a massive difference in the last week. The first was just technical – I found an old Halti which belonged to one of my mum’s dogs, tried her in that and she is a different dog on the lead. But the second and most important thing was that we received an anonymous letter from her former owners (Dogs Trust policy), with photos of her as a pup and a description of what she likes and doesn’t etc and how glad they are she now has a home where she can run around. It had my friends at the yard in tears and it made me realise that, not only have we made a difference to one dog, we have also made a difference for a family who loved her dearly and had to let her go through ill health. I plan to write back c/o the Dogs Trust to tell them how well she is settling.

    So, the purpose of this long ramble is that no, I can’t make a difference for the huge majority of abused animals in the world but I can make a difference to one dog and her former family who know she is safe and cared for. One weird coincidence was that they told us that they called her by the same nickname we have used since the second day we have had her – must have been meant to be.



    Realistically one person can’t save the world. But we can all make a little bit of it better, so if you want to feel like you have a duty, then that’s it and it’s achieveable, every day. You can’t be a proactive positive person if you’re beating yourself up for not being perfect, either, so cut yourself some slack.

    I try to be considerate, kind to animals, my horses are from charities or otherwise iffy backgrounds and I think they are happier now… I have always been veggie, I give to charity when I can, try to help out other people. And I don’t watch the horrible videos.



    I feel I need to do what I can in mysphere of influence and if everyone does that the cumulative effect will be huge.

    There’s a huge amount goes on right under our noses in the same village or town, kids having horrendous life experiences, a little girl needing stable adult friends because her dad tried to murder her mum, a single mum just unable to cope wiht two kids with special needs, adopted kids working out their fear and insecurity due to what’s hapened to them, an older horse left with no clean water or hay, people lost jobs and their lives are literally falling apart, a cancerer sufferer dying in a hospice with a brain tumour and no one to visit and simply listen or sit in companionable silence and hold her hand while she cries. People flooded out two years ago who simply don’t have the smarts to navigate the system and are being abandoned, a mum who just needs safe place for her kids taken to school because she is really not well.

    It’s all right there within walking distance. Thing is all the media savvy charities kind of give the reassuring impression that there is always someone to look after anyone whatever their condition, actually there is often **** all help out there for people who really need it, or it’s labyrinthine to navigate and unresponsive.



    try to spread happiness to those immediately around you. say to a stranger “that’s a nice pullover you are wearing” or something like that. don’t buy any products that you think have a connection to animal cruelty. this is really useful in combatting the cruelty. everything is supply and demand. as for me I also sign petitions on fb. they really do work. lots of those dog meat farms are being closed down or have closed. the tide is turning. its only by publicising the abominations and getting the world involved that change happens.

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