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    As she has been fired, there is absolutely no point in giving this company as a reference on applications for any future job. Just encourage her to get some more recent experience somewhere where she can get a reference, whether that’s college, paid employment or volunteering.

    ETA: there are lots of people wanting to work with animals, but most of them never do it, because as you’ve seen a lot of it is the unregulated, illegal or barely legal side of employment. The best thing would be to look at all kinds of jobs not just animal related ones.



    @orange I work in employment law, and this is wrong. A probation period can only apply if it’s stated in your contract, was agreed orally (which would be hard to prove) or was otherwise agreed to in writing.

    OP your daughter can ask for a copy of her contract from her employer. I’m guessing it will have a one month notice period clause or similar, so if they’ve dismissed her without giving notice (or without paying in lieu of notice if her contract applies) then they’d be in breach of contract. She can speak to CAB or Acas for free legal advice.



    @ellen But OP’s daughter doesn’t know what was in her contract! Does it really sound as if this employer is going to do things by the book? Because it really doesn’t sound like it to me, I am guessing that they will say that she was only employed on a casual basis anyway.
    Better, imho, to put this behind her and move on to finding voluntary work, or something else which she can get a reference from, while OP reports the outfit to any-one she can think of so that no-one else is treated in the same way in future.



    When one of my daughters were younger they were dismissed without reason. Mine didn’t want a fuss but if you want to make one I would contact HMRC to make sure they have paid all the NI and PAYE, which your daughter should have been registered for. I once worked for someone who had not paid mine, and they had to pay it all. Also check she got her holiday pay, this is also a legal requirement.
    As other people have said if you can get her on a course get her assessed for dyslexia, my daughter got a free Apple Mac and extra help. We didn’t even know she was dyslexic until then, I have since discovered I probably am, which explains a lot. They get a few brownie points for having a student with a disability.
    By the sounds of it she is best out of there, and that’s the way to look at it. If she walk a dog or pet sits for anyone , ask them for a reference when she applies for a job or a course.
    I makes me really mad when young people are treated like this. They get away with it because youngsters want to be independent and do not want their parents interfering or nagging.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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