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    So my partner in crime dragged me out yesterday to get a new sofa and chairs for the living room. Fair enough, the ones in there are really at the end of their lives and an embarrassment in a way, but I liked them, shabby but home.

    Went to loads of shops and eventually settled on what we felt was the best of a pretty ropy selection. So much of what was on offer seemed to be kind of horrible in a showy way.

    Anyway, that’s a new suite and an occasional chair bought for me – it’s a bit Father Jack’s chair in style. I’m now poorer to the tune of a couple of grand. I suppose it was my fault for telling her I had it in the first place I guess.
    God….shopping is a grim experience. I’m not good on design and have no idea how things will look in place (The DG thinks she is, but sometimes her purchases have left me thinking, however could she have possibly thought that thing was a good idea!)

    So of course looking around the room that will get new furniture….the coffee table looks shabby, the nest of tables looks as if it has done its work, the rug has seen better days and shouldn’t we sort them out too?

    And that means….yet more bloody shopping. God help me. Once every 5 years is surely enough right?

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    Lol, last xmas me and my partner pottered around all the local furniture shops to replace our 2 x sofa’s. Despite trying lots, the only one we agreed on was more than double the top price we were willing to go to.
    So, we didn’t buy anything…. we still have a decent 2 seater, and the 3 seater we use daily is still as scruffy and collapsing worse than before

    (I think he’d have gone for the pricey one, but I just couldn’t spend in excess of 4k on a single sofa – even if it was in a sale!!)

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    @orange Quite. We saw some lovely expensive ones but frankly I’m just not prepared to pay that for a chair.

    Some friends bought an old sofa set they like the look of for a couple hundred and then spent money on reupholstering it. They felt they got a high-end result for a mid-range spend. Sensible enough really.

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    After years of a bad back etc i have such a tall back that most sofa’s are to short for, i designed one myself to fit, it is made on a hard wood frame and it came in about the price of a top end DFS, yes it is a practicable leather, and will be reupholstered in a later life. i can pm you the details or put in on here as i’m not part of the company.

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    Fart me! You bought one the same day as you started looking? It took us three years to find sofas and chairs we liked. They are Duresta, verrrrrrry expensive, but worth the money and the wait.

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    Yes I bought on the same day as I went looking 0- that was the bargain. And anyway it takes about a day to look here – if you looked on Day 2 you’d be looking at the same things! Limited choice

    But top marks to your partner for doing 3 years of shopping with you. One day and I was wondering how long I’d really get for bumping her off

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    I love interior design but hate furniture shopping!

    “Please take my money and give me the item”
    ” we do 3 years interest free”
    ” no, I have money, please take my money and give it to me”
    ” we don’t hold stock, takes 4 months to deliver”
    ” but I have a big car trailer, can’t i just give you my money and you give me the item?”
    “No we don’t sell stuff like that”
    ” silly me, I thought you were a shop!”


    I do like the big warehouse outlet places where you can just take stuff home though

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    We wanted to get new slip covers for our suite (2 x large sofas and two armchairs) which was Collins & Hayes. They came back with a quote of over £3,000 just for a new set of covers!

    I looked on eBay to see if there were any slip covers, and spotted that someone nearby had just advertised an almost new Collins & Hayes suite, far better / newer than ours, and the covers are perfect.

    It seemed too good to be true but they were relocating to a smaller house, so needed to sell the suite. We bought the suite for the full “Buy it Now” price of £210 for the suite – and they were expecting us to haggle!!

    We then advertised our old suite on Freecycle and had loads of interest. In the end we gave it to a newly separated single mum who was setting up a home for herself and her kids, so it was great that she should benefit from it and she was delighted.

    We’ve since bought another nearly new Collins & Hayes suite – two large sofas and two armchairs in a lovely quality leather for the conservatory. It was less than a year old (the owner decided she wanted a cream colour instead of dark brown!), and she let us have the receipt – she had paid £5,250 for it, and she only wanted £300 for it!!

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    I fell in love with the Eames lounge chair and ottoman while I was holidaying in Westeros this summer. You can see them if you scroll down the page here… Ultra-comfy. Having a nice view helps too, of course!

    The best price I could find online was over £6000(!), which would definitely be worth it if it came with a nice view. I did find one for less that £1000, but it turned out to be a scale model.

    Next time near Chair World (incorporating Ottoman Empire) I’ll pop in to see whether they do a line in Eames.

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