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    Does anyone have any recommendations for some accountancy software for a small e-commerce business?

    I’ve looked at a few that have subscriptions between £6 and £10 per month. All sound good. Looked at Sage One, Zoho Books and Xero.

    I need to be able to do inventory tracking on it too.

    I have an accountant this year but to be quite honest, he’s causing me a bit of stress and not sure whether it’s better to do it myself as I already keep tight books on invoices and expenses on my spreadsheets.

    Suppose I would have to learn the rest when it comes to submitting tax returns or hand it over to the accountant at that point.

    Thank you

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    Xero. Easy to use, very intuitive.

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    I absolutely hate Xero, it looks easy to use but I find it almost impossible in lots of ways. It has some good features but it drives me insane much more than I praise it. Quickbooks Online is my choice of software, it’s doesn’t look as sexy as Xero, but it’s much more stable in my (very experienced) opinion. Xero spend something like 6 times as much on their marketing budget as they do in their software development, which I think tells you all you need to know.

    This is what I do, by the way. My business is an accountancy outsource provider, we work almost exclusively on online accounting software and we’re really good at it.

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    We use FreeAgent, again very Intuative and extremely easy to use.

    It has the ability for employee’s to be able to log in and see their payslips (but nothing else).

    My dad uses Xero and finds it very easy to use.

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    Another recommendation for QuickBooks here. I used it a few years ago and found it nice and straight forwards. OH now uses it in app format and is actually doing his accounts now (virtually unheard of that he will do the paperwork side of things unless he has too)

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    Thanks everyone. I wonder if you can do a months trial on them to see how they are?

    So do you all do your own tax without an accountant? Or just record things on there and then pass it to an accountant at the end of year?

    I am hoping to maybe do most it myself and then hand it to an accountant to do the last bits and the actual return online. Is this normal?

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    @tom Yes you can do a trial with Quickbooks. It’s quite normal to do most of it yourself and then pass over at the end of the year; however you may want to discuss with an accountant before you sign up; as often the accountant can sign you up and get you a better deal; plus they can set you up properly rather than you muddling through. We offer a fixed rate service which includes the software subscription, as well as setup and support which tends to be really helpful and cost effective for the client; I am sure there are other firms out there that operate in a similar fashion. I would recommend getting one that has experience with the software you have chosen (and proactively works within it); the clients that we have taken on that have not had this service from their accountants have really struggled and it’s taken a lot of adjusting to get them right.

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