Google will penalize your site if it cannot steal your images!

Apparently not letting google steal your images is against Googles (fascist) guidelines. Google images scrapes the internet for any images it can find and then displays them on its search results by hot linking to them. By hotlinking images the bandwidth of the site being hotlinked to is used up instead of the site doing […]

How to clean up your hacked site

Before I get into how to clean up your site I would just like to mention something that will probably make your blood boil if you have been hacked…. If your site has been hacked blame the likes of sites like exploit-db who promote ways to hack peoples sites and create file uploaders, shellcodes and […]

Protecting against xss

It is very important to protect your site against xss attacks. Xss vulnerabilities can allow hackers to exploit your site in more than one way. There are a a few different ways a Xss vulnerability can crop up. If your site automatically echoes out the exact url found in your the url bar for instance […]

Google is too powerful

Is it right that one company has so much control on the internet that it can effectively make a competitor disappear if it wants…? Well, that is what Google is doing and is getting away with it. I am writing this article to help spread the word of just how powerful Google is and how […]

Enjoy your time in Hell Googler!

Google executives have a lot of cash… Larry page and Sergey Brinn who created Google are estimated to worth around $30 billion yet they are still after more and the way these Google executive get more is by wrecking other peoples businesses. They are fueled by greed however let this be a reminder to be […]

Google is Anti Competitive

Google deceives consumers even more, a line must be drawn! Though Google doesnt seem to think so and has recently removed its own line separator which helps distinguish ads from normal listings further blending the ads into the normal results. With no separation between ads and normal results Google is deceiving its users and breaking […]

Google ranking sites based upon facts

Google maybe planning to rank sites based upon the facts (according to what Google thinks is right or wrong) instead of ranking factors used at the moment such as links. If Google incorporates the technology it has bragged about in a recent scientific paper Google could use it to censor information that it does not […]

Beware of Bing's greedy ads!

Beware of Bing’s greedy ads!

It would seem that bing is no better than google when it comes to ads or greed! Bing is displaying so many ads which push the organic listings way down.. so far down that only 1 real result will be viewable without having to scroll down.. and the vast majority of the time this real […]

Google makes ads even more deceptive

Google makes ads even more deceptive

Since writing about Google’s deceptive ads Google has since reduced the size of their “ad” labels making the ads even harder to distinguish from regular search results. Here are some examples to make your blood boil…  

Google using ad data to rank sites?

A patent has been recently granted to google that indicates that google maybe using ad data it collects from its advertisers to better understand website and thus improve their search engines rankings which some may argue breaches ftc guidelines, Google have always stood by the notion that websites that run google adsense on their sites […]